What is the Best Alcohol Rehab in Florida?

Many celebrations and recreational activities involve alcoholic drinks as a way to celebrate. Alcohol is expected in almost every American holiday and event – from New Year’s Eve to the Superbowl.

Celebrating your dissertation success? Let’s toast with some champagne. Watching a game with some friends? Chilled beer will do. Partying out? Let’s do some shots. American social life is heavily centered around alcohol. Drugs are also common amongst social events in the United States, although laws prohibit use.

Normalizing these substances can cause many to develop severe dependencies that develop into full-blown addictions that are difficult to end without professional help. Most studies have linked consumption with evident alcohol addiction in addition to the harmful health effects, including;

  • Mental health issues and effects
  • Different types of alcohol addictions
  • Substance use disorders stemming from drug addictions
  • Dependency on drugs, substance abuse, and alcohol abuse for functioning in life
  • Alcohol use disorder
  • Cancer
  • Liver Disease
  • Alcohol-related brain diseases

Most clients and patients refuse to vilify alcohol as has it been done with all other drugs resulting in similar diseases and situations. Alcohol use disorder, or AUD, has been the primary consequence of alcohol addiction for a long time. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism – the NIAAA states 14.1 million adult patients were diagnosed with AUD in only 2019 – these patients included young adults of 18 years and older.

Best Alcohol Rehab in Florida

The good news is that multiple and manifold addiction treatment centers with supportive treatment programs are available in Florida. So, when clients decide to take back control of their lives from alcohol abuse – the options for Florida alcohol treatment are limitless with the best Florida rehab centers around the state.

When clients and patients need alcohol addiction help – there are plentiful best rehab treatment options and treatment facilities across the country to help you get your life back together – without alcohol and drug abuse.

The Recovery Team

We are a full-fledged rehabilitation center that offers a continuum of care for the unique needs of clients seeking;

Why is the Recovery Team Your Best Chance for Long-term Recovery?

The medical staff at The Recovery Team understands the challenges of addiction and is experienced in helping patients reach recovery with the utmost comfort and safety. We create specialized treatment programs for all our patients to meet all specific needs.

Our evidence-based treatments help patients understand the root of their addiction and allow them to learn healthier coping mechanisms and habits that ensure long-term recovery.

What do you stand to gain with us?

TRT staff members comprise medical professionals and experts working to create a welcoming environment in our facility’s natural setting. A facility that is built keeping our clients and their family member’s comfort in mind (to encourage family support and involvement in a supportive environment).

We also offer superior medical supervision services and partial hospitalization programs across all stages of the best possible treatment process.

Not only that, we offer the best in Florida;

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • State-of-the-art alcohol detox center
  • Mental Health Services Administration
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family program and therapy
  • Medical professionals and staff members
  • Massage therapy
  • Alcohol Detox and Addiction recovery with outpatient programs, and more.

What is Alcohol Detox?

The first step of the alcohol abuse treatment is to recognize that every client is different in their needs – all of this depends solely on the severity of dependence and addiction. Both of these will directly impact the recovery process of a patient.

Alcohol dependence leads to imminent withdrawal symptoms through abrupt cessation or reduction in consumption. These withdrawal symptoms can turn fatal – thus, clients looking to overcome AUD are highly recommended to seek services that include guidance and assistance of medical experts, with support groups from alcohol detox centers.

Alcohol detoxification is the natural process your body goes through while flushing out the toxins from the system. The alcohol detox process is almost always followed up with medical supervision, medical monitoring, and behavioral therapy; these combine your best chance to recover from alcohol disorders completely.

Clients must understand that detox is not a cure but rather the first step on their road to recovery, away from alcohol dependency, with outpatient treatment programs from the Florida treatment centers such as The Recovery Team.

Alcohol Treatment Centers in Florida

Florida is the best backdrop for the best possible treatment of patients with mental disorders and for patients who need help with alcohol, drug use, and opioid addiction. Florida is ideal for patients and their family members who are looking for a recovery in a peaceful environment with:

  • Family and group therapy sessions
  • Evidence-based treatments
  • Opioid addiction treatments
  • Support services for withdrawal symptoms
  • A strong foundation of the statewide health insurance system
  • An evidence-based drug rehab facility
  • The expert clinical team and compassionate social workers
  • Safe environment with private rooms in an intimate setting, among other things.

People from across the nations move to Florida for inpatient rehab centers and outpatient services in Florida and Tampa. According to the Florida department of children, the percentage of high school students involved in binge drinking was 10.9 percent in 2016, and this percentage was even higher for adult women.

People from all over the country frequently move to Tampa and other bigger cities of Florida to seek addiction recovery services and family therapy. While many clients and patients are motivated by the level of expertise available at Florida national institute for alcohol treatment, there are other factors for getting the treatment outside of the state.

To break free from the hypnotic patterns and easy lifestyle of addiction, a significant change is often needed for self-preservation. When patients are reminded of their addiction-related surroundings, the temptations become more challenging to overcome and cope with. While the rehabs in Florida might not be the only solution to cravings and temptations – they might still place you in an environment where learning to kick your addictions is easier.

Leaving your support system behind with your family and supportive environment can be challenging. However, the sunny state is known for its abundance of resources and support groups compared to any other part of the US. If patients seek medical attention in Florida, a massive vibrant, live support system is available to help clients recover.

Different Kinds of Rehab Centers and Detox Programs in Florida

While reviewing the detox services – for clients, it is helpful to consider rehab programs as well.

As for overcoming your addiction – you will most definitely require therapy and additional services other than only detox programs.

Inpatient Treatment Center

The residential treatment programs offer a structured and safe environment. Such treatment programs come with 24-hour medical supervision and care. This residential care is best for clients suffering from moderate to severe addiction, relapses, and co-occurring disorders.

Outpatient Treatment Center

Outpatient programs work best for patients who suffer from mild alcohol dependence. The outpatient expert care providers offer patients support and treatment levels with the flexibility to return to their homes after their successful treatment cycle. This type of program might not be ideal for patients not residents of Florida.

Both of these types offer patients all-encompassing addiction treatment – but it is still important to note that not every rehab facility is the same. All inpatient and outpatient facilities differ in terms of their amenities and services.

The Multitude of Treatment Programs in Florida Rehab Centers

Most detox centers in Florida are linked to a larger facility like the Recovery Team (TRT) – which offers a comprehensive treatment model. Most treatment centers provide varying treatment options – out of which the most common ones are stated below for your reference;

  • Comprehensive 12-step addiction treatment programs
  • Trauma therapy sessions and programs
  • Faith-based programs
  • Holistic approach treatment programs
  • Dual Diagnosis Programs and mental health services programs

Other than the mainstream addiction treatment services – many detox centers in Florida offer tailored services to specific clients, like the LGBTQ+ community.

Drugs and Medications Used for Alcohol Detox

Maintaining a patient’s system in equilibrium is crucial for effectively preventing discomfort – as this is a primary factor for medically aided detoxification.

Overall this process may need the use of certain medications, including Benzodiazepines; such as Valium, Librium, and Ativan – all of these are widely used for treating alcoholism as these are perfect for rectifying and reducing withdrawal symptoms while also avoiding seizures.

Seizures are likely the prime cause for the high death toll while under a detoxification process – thus, anti-convulsing medications like Keppra are used.

While benzodiazepines do help in treating the particular symptoms of alcohol withdrawal – it is still vital that intakes of a patient are kept in the quantities prescribed by their doctors. Benzodiazepines are addictive, and their use should be monitored and carefully controlled.

The Recovery Team offers a perfect and safe environment for alcohol and drug detox for rehabilitation in a tropical climate. Whether it is you or a loved one suffering from addiction, let the professional staff at TRT helps you find the best possible treatment plan and programs that will be customized to suit your individual needs and specifics. These specifics include comprehensive treatment plans and a patient’s financial situation.

Choosing Florida for Alcohol Detox Treatment

The popularity of Florida as the recovery destination in America is due to its long list of top-quality treatment programs and choices.

The climate and atmosphere are essential factors in a patient’s decision to go to Florida for alcohol recovery and detox programs. Patients in rehabilitation experience the best of the Sunshine State; that it has to offer while in recovery. All thanks to the picturesque beaches, fresh air, and many outdoor activities.

Patients in rehabilitation can experience the best of the Sunshine State during their recovery, thanks to the beaches (including Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale beach, and West Palm Beach), fresh air, and various outdoor activities. Multiple studies have shown that consistent exposure to sunlight is beneficial for health.

Furthermore, Harvard Medical School experts state that a quick short trip to any beach will get you sorted for your required Vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to help with serotonin control and stabilize the mood.

Where are Detox and Addiction Treatments Located in Florida?

Florida has plentiful provisions for people who need help with addiction and alcohol withdrawal. Most of these treatment facilities are located in larger cities, including Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville – however, one can find addiction treatment centers throughout the southern state.

Insurance Coverage for Rehab Treatments in Florida

Almost all of the rehabs in Florida accept various private and state-funded insurance policies.

Many treatment facilities in Florida propose sliding-scale fees and other payment arrangements for clients that do not have any type of insurance.

Florida Rehab Centers and Percentage of Payment Modes Explained

  • More than 8 percent of rehabs accept private health insurance
  • 5 percent take state-financed insurance
  • 3 percent are known to take self-payment and cash
  • Medicare is accepted by over 5 percent of rehabs in Florida
  • Medicaid is accepted by 4 percent of alcohol and drug rehab centers
  • Six percent of Florida’s substance abuse treatment centers accept the sliding-scale fee.

You have multiple insurance and payment options at most American treatment centers, especially at TRT treatment facilities. Moreover, many private insurance plans are also accepted and workable. Even when a client does not have insurance – The Recovery Team offers other payment options and strategies.

Which Treatment is Most Effective in Treating Addiction?

CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is known to be a valuable treatment as it is used to treat many different types of addictions which includes but are not limited to;

Alcohol Addition
Food Addiction
Prescription Drug Addiction

What is the recovery rate for addiction?

According to studies conducted by the CDC and the national institute on Drug Abuse, 3 out of 4 patients with alcohol addiction do eventually recover completely. Making it a massive 75 percent success ratio – the chances are fantastic for you too. Please get in touch with us – we are only a phone call away.

What are the four steps to recovery from alcoholism?

Let’s add another step for your road of recovery – making sure you walk out victorious, having kicked your additional problems.These steps include;