Patient speaking with therapist
How To Set Boundaries With People: A Practical Guide

Discover practical tips on how to set boundaries with people in this expert guide from The Recovery Team.

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Stress impacts health in different ways, from physical symptoms like headaches to emotional tolls like anxiety and depression.
Coping With Stress: A Guide to Healthier Living

Get insight into stress’s impact on health with The Recovery Team. Learn effective coping strategies here.

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Getting help for mental health involves reaching out to professionals, friends, or loved ones for support, guidance, and understanding.
Understanding Mental Health: Signs and Solutions

Don’t hesitate to get help for mental health. Reach out to The Recovery Team today for support and guidance.

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Woman massaging her temples.
Panic to Peace: Taming Anxiety and Stress

Click to learn the effective tips and strategies to deal with anxiety and stress with The Recovery Team.

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Multi-colored pills on a white background. In 2021, the country recorded nearly 71,000 overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids.
Administering Naloxone: Be Prepared, Save a Life

Naloxone saves lives. The Recovery Team shares how to reverse an opioid overdose with this drug.

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Graphics representing social isolation, chronic stress, and trauma. Blue text explains these can increase the risk of depression.
What Causes Depression?

Discover the causes of depression, from life stressors to biological factors. Join The Recovery Team for more.

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Men and women gathered in a meeting.
Genetic Insights: How Bipolar Disorder Runs in Families

Genetic factors may play a role in the development of bipolar disorder. Learn more about it with The Recovery Team.

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Woman holding her head.
What Causes Seasonal Affective Disorder

Explore the causes of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with The Recovery Team.

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