What Happens If You Consume Alcohol After Taking Xanax?

Xanax and Alcohol are quite a combination popular worldwide for all the negative reasons. It is harmful and is advised not to be taken together or consequently, as it can prove to be fatal.

Xanax can be considered safe if it is consumed in the form of therapeutic dosage. But, if the doses are high and mixed with alcohol, then it can become dangerous. In fact, it can become so dangerous that it can lead to death.

If you consume Alcohol right after taking Xanax, it can up the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid GABA. The overall central nervous system can get affected because of this move.

The chemical combination leads to sedative effects that can cause respiratory depression or even loss of consciousness. There are many who have also experienced cardiac arrest after a high dosage of this deadly combo.

As and when you take alcohol after consuming Xanax, it intensifies the alcohol-related symptoms in the form of even more severe intoxication. Hopefully, you have a brief picture of what can happen when you consume alcohol after taking Xanax. We are here to dig in deep and take a look at every single aspect related to it. Let’s get started.

Xanax: A Brief Overview

When it comes to Xanax, it is basically a brand name for the drug Alprazolam. It is prescribed for the treatment of insomnia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), sleeping and panic disorders, and also seizures.

You can purchase Xanax without a prescription. It is illegal to do the same. These are basically acknowledged as sedatives and are used vividly in the United States. As the respective drug comes with both addictive and calming effects, it is used by all, that includes the ones with prescriptions and the ones without as well.

It is misused with other substances that include especially drinking alcohol. This combination can prove to be very harmful and probably fatal.

Appearance Of Xanax Tablets

When it comes to Xanax tablets, it can differ from one manufacturer to another. It also varies in terms of dosage. You will find a 2mg tablet of Xanax in a bar-shaped pill. The 2mg ER tablets are round-shaped, and the 1 mg tablets are oval. The color of these tablets can be green, white, yellow, or even blue.

If it is consumed in larger doses, then there is a high probability of you experiencing a euphoric effect. This also shows how there is a misconception that the prescribed drugs are not harmful. This is the reason why Xanax is preferred by not only novice drug users but also experienced ones. As Xanax is often consumed with another substance and, most preferably alcohol, it leads to a potentially lethal and dangerous combination.

Xanax: Side Effects

Xanax is basically used as a central nervous system depressant. It helps in the process of the brain’s GABA neurotransmitters release. It is today being detected in several nerve connections around the world. This chemical is released when the respective person is feeling nervous or anxious.

The use of Xanax tablets induces dopamine and boosts GABA. This lets you feel good, and all kinds of stress, panic, and nervousness go out of the system. So, if you are suffering from anxiety-related mental illness, you might get prescribed Xanax as it can help you feel normal and keep all the debilitating panic attacks away.

But, there are many who are misusing the respective tablet because of the pleasurable effects it brings into play after medication. Take a look at the effects below that Xanax can lead to:

●     Euphoria

●     Relaxation

●     Light-heartedness

●     Decreased anxiety

●     Detachment

●     Sedation

If the person is constantly consuming Xanax over time, the brain becomes addicted to the neurotransmitter GABA that it gets from the dose. So, there is a possibility that the brain completely stops producing its own neurotransmitter GABA. Tolerance happens when the body completely stops responding to the medicine the same way it did in the initial doses. This means the doses need to be increased to make the drug make an impact.

In fact, the withdrawal of the respective drug can make an impact on the user’s behavior. The severity of the same completely depends on how much they were dependent on their doses. If you consume Xanax heavily and then try to quit, then the results can even prove to be deadly. Even trying to decrease the amount of consumption can lead to several side effects that can include intense pains and aches, vomiting, insomnia, mental anxiety and instability, uncontrollable shivering, and even deadly seizures.

Now let’s understand how consuming Alcohol makes things worse after taking a dose of Xanax.

The Dangers Of Consuming Alcohol After Xanax

Now let’s come back to the topic after understanding what Xanax brings into play. Mixing your dose with alcohol can make things hazardous, and the results can be fatal. If you are thinking about what can possibly be the effects of alcohol after consuming Xanax, then take a look at the below-mentioned pointers:

>>Relaxation and euphoria: 

As and when you consume drugs, the immediate feeling of relaxation is certain. This means you might experience a reduction in the level of stress and anxiety. But, these are the effects of small doses. But, if the user considers opting for higher doses, then it can result in the form of sedation.

>>Lethargy, Fatigue, and Light-headedness: 

As and when you consume alcohol after taking Xanax, you are most likely to feel light-headedness. This means that your blood pressure is affected. There is a high probability of blood pressure getting low. If the person is lying low, this situation can be very dangerous, or is constantly taking in the alcohol.

You might continue to feel light-headedness even after the person has recovered from the use of alcohol. Lethargy and fatigue are two of the most common side-effects of consuming alcohol after Xanax. It can be experienced both mentally and physically, which can make individuals move slowly, feel tired, or experience problems like weakness, finding it difficult to memorize and focus.

>>Aggression and Irritability: 

The ones who are using alcohol and Xanax together start behaving aggressively as well. They become irritated and angry as well when the consumption becomes constant. There is no doubt in stating that consumption can help you with relaxation, but it makes it difficult for them to monitor their feelings. They are unable to control their feelings, and eventually, this results in the form of anger and irritability.

As the amount of consumption gets higher, the effect of the same becomes quite difficult to control, and eventually, it becomes more salient. Individuals who have a nature of being angry or of impulsive control are affected by the constant dosage of the respective mixture. This leads to their aggressive behavior that can result in the form of violence as well.

>> Cognitive issues: 

Another major side-effect that you can experience with the mixture of alcohol and Xanax is cognitive issues. The ones who are completely dose-dependent are going to experience these side effects a lot more. The ones who are in lower doses are going to feel a lot more spaced out or sort of fuzzy. They are not going to walk normally or are going slow in every aspect. But, with the doses getting higher, the effect can be even more significant.

Because of the synergistic characteristics of the respective drug, the blow flow decreases in the brain, and it boosts inhibitory neurotransmitters. This results in the form of issues related to problem-solving, critical thinking, self-control, reasoning, judgment, or even proper planning. The ones who are using more substances during the time of consumption might always remain confused and insensitive in all aspects.

It also results in the form of poor memory. In fact, constant consumption of the same can also result in the form of a complete blackout. This means you might respond to the environment, but you might not know what is happening around you. So, there is not going to be any memory of any actions taken. The primary reason behind this is the synergistic effects of the combination of these drugs. It completely restricts the ability to develop or create any kind of new memories. This can be lasting and eventually disrupt the entire functioning of the brain.

>> Respiratory and Cardiovascular effects: 

Another major possibility that you can experience because of regular consumption of Xanax and alcohol is facing immense respiratory and cardiovascular issues. As constant consumption of the same can get your nervous system affected, you might have to face several consequences as well.

There is a possibility of getting your brain cells damaged, which is controlling your respiration and heart rate as well. The ones who are following low dosage might but are using the same constantly together might suffer from respiratory issues and can experience cardiac arrest as well. These can lead to slow functioning of these organs and lead to many disorders. So, it is important that you avoid consuming both together in any ways as it can lead to brain damage that can eventually lead to breathing disorders that can prove to be fatal


Another issue that comes to play with this consumption is unconsciousness. There is a high probability of comatose or unconsciousness because of all the weakness or lack of energy you might feel. As it gets the blood pressure down, there is a high probability of you feeling unconscious, especially when you are lying down.

So, it is important that you avoid this combination at all costs before sleeping or traveling as it can make things even more dangerous. It can affect your blood pressure and make you weak. So, there is a high probability of you getting unconscious after consuming both the elements in a high amount.

>>Kidney or Liver Damage:

There is a high probability of liver and kidney damage as well when you are constantly consuming these chemicals. It can put immense pressure on the liver to metabolize and get them away from the system. Because of the pressure on the kidney and liver, it can cause huge damage or result in the form of disorders as well.


As stated, constantly consuming these substances might lead to a loss of memory. There is a high possibility that one might lose out on the count of how much they have consumed the chemical or alcohol. This can lead to addiction and overdose of the same. So, in the end, there is a high possibility of having a high amount of Xanax in your system that can cause a lot of damage and eventually prove to be deadly.

Treatment For Xanax and Alcohol Addiction

You read about all the possible side effects that you might have to face if you are mixing alcohol after taking Xanax. If you do, the first and the most important step that needs to be taken is the proper advice diagnosis, or treatment of the same. You must look for a reliable and proficient name in the business who can assist you recover from the side effects and also help you bid adieu to your addictiveness.

Fortunately, there are several treatment centers where you can get professional assistance to get rid of the addiction and help you get back to normal. All you have to do is to research well and then make your decision. You need to check with the experience, background, and reviews as well to avail the treatment that you can trust and enhance the chances of recovery as well. To help you out we have a suggestion for you where you can avail the best treatment for this situation.

The Recovery Team is one such name where you can get all the assistance while dealing with the respective situation. You get experts at your service to take complete care of the situation and help you get back on track to normalcy without any delay.