Mixing hallucinogens and alcohol: Hallucinogens can warp perception, thoughts, and feelings, and these effects can be boosted by alcohol.
Unpredictability of Mixing Hallucinogens and Alcohol

The Recovery Team explains the unpredictability of mixing hallucinogens and alcohol. Learn the risks and stay safe.

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Celexa is an antidepressant, when combined with alcohol, can be hazardous to health, causing severe complications like heart disease.
Can You Take Celexa and Alcohol Together?

Combining Celexa and alcohol is dangerous for your health. Learn more about drug interaction and treatment at The Recovery Team.

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Mixing alcohol and Adderall leads to cardiovascular issues. People who mix them are at risk of developing substance use disorders
Prevalence of Combining Alcohol and Adderall

Explore the effects of combining alcohol and Adderall, and find the right treatment with The Recovery Team

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