Delray Beach, FL

The Recovery Team rehab facility in gorgeous Delray Beach, Florida, is fully equipped with everything an individual needs for a smooth and successful recovery from addictions or behavioral health problems.

Our team of medical doctors and staff have decades of combined experience and possess the knowledge and skill necessary to help an individual overcome addiction. At The Recovery Team in Delray Beach, you or your loved one will be given the tools and support necessary to recover and begin a new life.

Who We Are

The Recovery Team was created in the 90s to offer a space of compassion where anyone suffering from addiction and mental health disorders can find support. At The Recovery Team in Delray Beach, Florida, we offer individualized, evidence-based treatments to help each of our patients recover.

This Location Offers


Massage therapy helps to reduce stress and can provide relaxation, as well as boost the body's physical functioning.


Through yoga, music, meditation, and more—patients of The Recovery Team enjoy every opportunity to relax and recover.

Art & Music

Creative expression can support recovery by offering an outlet for difficult emotions and personal processes.


With a full gym and pool, patients at The Recovery Team engage in helpful exercise and sports like basketball and volleyball.


Chiropractors help mental health by using techniques such as spinal manipulation, massage, and lifestyle counseling.


A nutritionist can help to ensure that a person gets the proper nutrition to help support their mental health.