How Alcoholism Affects The Family

Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of individuals and families worldwide. This substance use disorder causes harmful effects not just on the individual drinking, but the family as a whole. Commonly referred to as the family disease, alcoholism is a large disrupter for everyone involved.

The Effects of Alcoholism on Different Members of the Family 

According to the Substance Use and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA), in 2018, over 14 million individuals had an alcohol use disorder in The United States. This key statistic goes to show that alcohol abuse and alcoholism affect so many people every day. Alcoholism is a concerning issue that needs more attention and awareness too.

This disorder not only affects the individual who has a chemical dependence to alcohol, but also the entire family as a whole. Those individuals living in households where alcohol abuse occurs are not in safe environments.

Due to the fact alcohol affects your decision making process, and your motor skills, alcohol abuse tends to result in negative consequences. It is common for relationships and everyday life to be hindered from alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism, in most cases, unfortunately allows family members to accept their loved ones negative behaviors, even if they know they are wrong. Members of the family tend to make excuses for the alcoholic. This kind of behavior only hurts the addict as their addiction continues to worsen. Alcohol has the capability of causing serious chaos in the household, breaking up families and relationships every day.

The Effects of Alcoholism on Children

Growing children need a role model or someone to look up to for guidance and structure. This may be the child’s parent, sibling, grandparent etc. When a significant person in a child’s life suffers from alcohol abuse, the child is being affected.

Living in a household with an alcoholic family member, children are more prone to see arguments, violence and abuse. Although these factors are not certain for every case, these things are more likely to happen with an alcoholic family member being present.

Ways To Identify If Your Loved One Has An Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcoholism affects so many different people throughout the world, that it is hard to pinpoint one thing that causes alcoholism. Alcohol abuse is caused by several different factors such as: stress, work, home-life, tragedies, accidents, and more.

If you live with or know someone you may think has an alcohol use disorder call The Recovery Team today at (800) 817-1247.

The following are common signs for detecting alcohol use disorder according to SAMHSA:

  • Lots of time spent engaging in alcohol-related activities
  • Developed a tolerance to alcohol
  • Heavily increased consumption amount
  • Drinking for longer periods of time
  • Experienced withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is not in the system
  • Having trouble stop drinking even though one’s body or mental state is not feeling great   

Alcohol Treatment at The Recovery Team 

We understand that alcoholism is a disease that affects the family at large.

The Recovery Team is proud to offer treatment programs for alcohol use disorder and alcoholism. We offer family therapy and support groups as a way for the entire family to come together and recover as one.

This disease can be cured, and there is hope. If you or someone you love is struggling with a chemical dependency to alcohol, call the Recovery Team today at (800) 817-1247.

We look forward to hearing from you!