Mental health counselor with clipboard. Collaboration between psychiatrists and therapists creates a comprehensive approach to care.
Unraveling the Distinctions: Psychiatrist vs. Therapist

Learn about the distinct roles of psychiatrists and therapists with The Recovery Team.

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A hand reaching out to comfort another set of hands. Treatment for grief-induced alcoholism include inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.
Mourning in Recovery: Managing Grief and Alcoholism

Can grief cause alcoholism? The Recovery Team explains the connection between grief and alcohol addiction.

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Closeup of liquor bottles. An estimated 14.5 million adults in the United States suffer from alcohol use disorder (AUD).
Harm Reduction Practices for Alcohol Consumption

Don’t let alcohol control your life. Learn harm reduction techniques from The Recovery Team for your next night out.

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Pregnant woman holding her hand out to reject a glass of white wine. Avoiding alcohol is the safest approach for maternal and fetal health.
Can I Drink While Pregnant?

The Recovery Team explains the effects of alcohol on pregnancy and the importance of recovery before pregnancy.

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Man speaking to his doctor in the examination room. Text explains the benefits of outpatient treatment for alcoholism
Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment: The Flexible Solution

Discover life-changing outpatient treatment programs for alcoholism at The Recovery Team. Start your recovery today!

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Graphic explains why therapy is necessary during inpatient treatment for alcoholism. Image of man with his head in his hands.
Hope and Healing: Inpatient Treatment for Alcoholism

Find hope and healing with The Recovery Team. Our inpatient treatment for alcoholism supports your recovery.

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Hand rejecting a glass of wine. Text explains the dangers of alcohol withdrawal.
Beyond the Bottle: Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

Learn about the dangers of alcohol withdrawal and seek professional medical care at The Recovery Team

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Man and woman meditating on chairs. Text explains that incorporating mind-body techniques into healthcare enhances overall well-being
Mind-Body Connection: How Thoughts Shape Health

The mind-body connection is the close relationship between our thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being. Simply put, our minds and bodies are closely linked, and what we think and feel can significantly impact how our bodies function.

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