Image showing the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
How to Safely Detox From Alcohol

Learn the safe ways to detox from alcohol with The Recovery Team. We offer tips and tricks so you can live a life free from addictions.

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A hand reaching out to comfort another set of hands. Treatment for grief-induced alcoholism include inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.
Mourning in Recovery: Managing Grief and Alcoholism

Can grief cause alcoholism? The Recovery Team explains the connection between grief and alcohol addiction.

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Pregnant woman holding her hand out to reject a glass of white wine. Avoiding alcohol is the safest approach for maternal and fetal health.
Can I Drink While Pregnant?

The Recovery Team explains the effects of alcohol on pregnancy and the importance of recovery before pregnancy.

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Factors like gender, weight, and metabolism play a role in determining how much alcohol is too much for you
Decoding The Science Behind Responsible Drinking

How much alcohol is too much? Discover safe alcohol limits with The Recovery Team

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Graphic explains how alcoholism affects families. Breaking the cycle involves awareness and professional help.
Genetic Spirits: Does Alcoholism Run in the Family

Does alcoholism run in the family? Embrace Hope at The Recovery Team, where you can recover family bonds.

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Mixing alcohol and Adderall leads to cardiovascular issues. People who mix them are at risk of developing substance use disorders
Prevalence of Combining Alcohol and Adderall

Explore the effects of combining alcohol and Adderall, and find the right treatment with The Recovery Team

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Alcohol and antidepressants are a risky mix. Alcohol can worsen mental health conditions and reduce the efficacy of antidepressants.
Warnings Explained: Alcohol and Antidepressants

Discover the risks of combining alcohol and antidepressants with The Recovery Team and learn how to stay safe.

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Celexa is an antidepressant, when combined with alcohol, can be hazardous to health, causing severe complications like heart disease.
Can You Take Celexa and Alcohol Together?

Combining Celexa and alcohol is dangerous for your health. Learn more about drug interaction and treatment at The Recovery Team.

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