Is Recovery From Addiction Really Possible?

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November 23, 2016
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February 27, 2017

Is Recovery From Addiction Really Possible?

Can One Recover From Addiction?

Can Recovery From Addiction Be Accomplished?

We all care about family members, but when one of them is struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs, we become hopeless because we think that it is impossible for them to recover. In some cases, addicts will do anything to satisfy their urges, and this may include stealing from friends and family members, and in the process ruin their lives because they have chosen the drug over any other meaningful activity. If you have a family member that is struggling with addiction, then it is understandable if you have lost hope thinking that recovery is impossible. Nevertheless, evidence indicates that even extreme addicts can recover from their bad habit. To restore hope for your loved one, it is crucial that we dispel some half-truths and misunderstandings about drug addiction.

People With Addiction Have Inborn Character Problems

Recovery From Addiction Possible?Family members who believe in the above myth think that their loved one cannot get into recovery from addiction even if they are provided with the best treatment. On the contrary, clinicians treating addicts today generally agree that addiction is a type of a disease that can be managed with effective therapies. You do not have to believe in the above myth because it developed 50 years ago when people addicted to drugs and alcohol had very few treatment options, and the stigma associated with addiction made some of them to try to quit without professional help “the cold turkey way”. However, today addicts have access to numerous resources, and information on the type of treatment options available to them is readily available. Moreover, studies have linked addiction to certain mental diseases such as anxiety and depression and treating the mental disorders assist addicts in recovering from their problem.

People with Addiction Have To Experience the Worst Effects to Ask For Help

Most families that believe in this myth ignore the suffering of their loved one because they think that he/she has to experience the worst effects of drug addiction to accept treatment. In a few cases, addicts have rejected treatment before experiencing the worst outcomes of their habit, but many people have received treatment before undergoing worst experiences such as financial problems and divorce. Some experts have also noted that addicts are less willing to stop when they are experiencing the worst effects of their habit because the stress is more likely to fuel the addiction or a relapse. This means that your loved one will need hope, and the promise of a new life to get sober because they are strong motivators.

Addicts Who Have Relapsed Have No Hope

Therapists working with addicts have noted that they often relapse multiple times, even after treatment and recovery, but with persistence, they often recover. In the commonly used 12-step treatment program, addiction is defined as a chronic disorder characterized by relapses that require continuous monitoring. This definition describes the condition of certain addicts, and families with addicts need to acknowledge this. Most addicts relapse and they are returned to the initial treatment program after developing old habits. Therefore, you should not lose hope when your loved one relapse. It is also noteworthy that many people meet the criteria to be diagnosed with addiction during a certain phase in their lives, and recover slowly without treatment using therapies like 12-step programs. Some people are likely to shift to moderate intake of the drug of their choice overtime before stopping completely.

There Is No One Perfect Solution for All Addicts

Families should know that every person struggling with addiction  and in recovery from addiction faces unique challenges. This means that a treatment approach that works for one addict may not be effective in another. This is why Recovery From Addiction Possible?it is important for families to stay positive and hope that complete recovery of their loved one is possible. In addition, the unique challenges faced by every addict are an indication that personalized treatment plans that deal with the problems are important. Do you still think that recovering from addiction is impossible? Have you lost hope for your loved one? Well, your loved one can still benefit from a treatment plan that is tailored to meet their unique challenges and address the reasons for their drug or alcohol abuse.

Can Addicts Be Cured?

They say in the rooms of recovery that addiction is a disease and like other chronic ailments, addiction can be successfully managed. Excellent treatment can work by suppressing powerful impulses in the brain that make people feel the urge to use drugs or alcohol, making them regain control of their lives. Although never fully “cured,” per say, the addict or alcoholic can go on living a productive, meaningful life. Recovery from addiction is definitely possible and we see it happening over and over here at The Recovery Team in North Palm Beach, FL. Call (800) 817-1247 to speak with one of our Addiction Specialists. Recovery from addiction happens here.