Men's Recovery Housing

A safe, secure, supervised and supportive community environment provides our male residents the opportunity to engage personal responsibilities, obligations, and support in a way that may never have been present previously in the user’s life.
The concept of a sober community develops the addict’s sense of belonging to a healthy network of individuals and demonstrates daily that sobriety is possible. The Recovery Team's Men's Recovery Housing provides men with the life skills necessary for long term recovery and a new sense of living a healthy, enjoyable life as a clean and sober man.

Women's Recovery Housing

Empowering women to break the cycle of addiction and return to their families and communities from a place of strength.
The Recovery Team Women's Recovery Housing is located in beautiful North Palm Beach, Florida, within walking distance of our clinical facilities. The home is state-of-the-art and provides a safe and comfortable environment for our women clients to focus on their recovery.